Detail specifications : BNT 2010-2.6
Number of loaded circuitsDN ValuePreloadMethod for Providing a PreloadType of guide
1row × 2.65 turns70000NoneNoneBall

Shaft process methodBall cageSplined portionHollow shaftRecommended support unit on the Fixed Side type

Recommended support unit on the Supported Side typeTypes of NutsThreading directionSpacer ballRigidity in the axial direction (N/μm)
BF15, BF17, EF15, FF15Single nutRight-hand, left-hand(must be checked), left-and-right-hand(must be checked)None220.0

Number of threaded groovesDust prevention measureDust cover typeWiper ring is availableQZ Lubricator is available
1RRBellows, screw coverNoneNone

With/without oil holeNipple, plumbing fixture typeType using standard materialStandard greaseStandard lubrication method
YesA-MT6 * 1, B-MT6 * 1, C-MT6 * 1, LF-E, SF-EIron-basedAFB-LFGrease Lubrication

Standard sealWhether it is possible to change to a high temperature typeNut surface treatmentShaft surface treatmentMinimum service temperature Centigrade (°C)
RRCan be supportedAP-CF, AP-C, AP-HC, otherAP-CF, AP-C, AP-HC, other-15

Minimum service temperature Fahrenheit (°F)Maximum service temperature(Centigrade°C)Maximum service temperature(Fahrenheit°F)Finished product of the shaft end (with/without)

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