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Low Cost Actuator VLA
Simple Design, Low Cost
- Incorporating an LM guide rail as the actuator base, reduces the number of assembly components to provide a simple, light-weight, and cost effective actuator.
Durability & Long Term Maintenance Free
- With THK Caged Ball Technology, this actuator offers a robust design and long maintenance intervals.
Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient
- Replacing pneumatic cylinders with electromechanical components, offers cleaner, quieter & energy efficient operation. Contamination from lubricants, exhaust will be eliminated.
- Several manufacturers of motors can be assembled without additional flange according to your control specifications.
A Motor of a Different Manufacturer Mountable
- You can choose an AC servomotor to mount on the actuator from several manufacturers according to your control specifications.
Jan. 17, 2012 Catalog PDF No.320-5E 1706 KB
Aug. 24, 2006 SERVO COM PETIT 4655 KB

Rod Actuator CRES
All actuator components are concealed
Splash-Proof construction, complies with IP55 standard
Low cost, simple structure due to the use fewer components
Streamlined, corner-free design
Sep. 12, 2007 Catalog PDF No.C-01-01E 843 KB

Clean-Room Actuator  

Clean-Room Actuator Model CSKR
Low dust generation structure
High speed (maximum speed 2000[mm/s])
Compact size and high rigidity
Jan. 29, 2013 Catalog PDF Cat.No.355-1E 2499 KB


Electric Actuators  

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